Who are we?

The position of Keyboard Networker was vacant for 18 years. So in 2016, Churches Together in Greater Bristol (CTGB) came together with key people from the Black Churches. This was to form a working group who could consider the history of the Keyboard Trust, reflect on the present and seek to discern the best way forward.


Partner organisations and networks


The Keyboard Trust steering group:

  • Bishop Raymond Veira - House of Praise (Church of God of Prophecy),

  • Bishop Renford Brown (New Testament Church of God)

  • Pastors Osien and Fatima Sibanda (Redeemed Christian Church of God),

Representatives from the Enabling group:

  • Rev Eric Aidoo - Chair - City Road Baptist

  • Rev Chris Dobson - Diocese of Bristol

  • Roger Allen - Enabler for Mission and Unity for CTGB

  • Carmen Carrol - Keyboard Networker linking with over 40 black-led churches​

What do we do?


The Keyboard Trust aims and objectives are:

  • To promote a culture of racial justice and equality in and through the churches in the city of Bristol.

  • To identify and work with leaders of Black-led churches and to engage, encourage, empower and promote networks and prayer.

  • To maintain a database of Black-led churches.

  • To organise a number of gatherings each year for prayer and sharing.

  • To create forums; for regular communication through social and electronic media.

  • To assist in promoting the work of Black-led churches across the wider community through Churches Together Greater Bristol (CTGB)/ Together4Bristol (T4B) and Bristol Networks

Happy Family

Keyboard Networker


The current Keyboard Networker, Carmen Carrol (pictured), took up employment in April 2019 and has been instrumental in creating and engaging and networking with both black and white church leaders and pastors across the city. Within the first year engagement has been made with 16 Black led churches and the creation of 40 strong database of black churches in Bristol.

She stated “It’s important to have bridges that bring equality in our churches and community. It’s equally important to not do things that will break those bridges down”.

As the Keyboard new Networker, Carmen is no stranger to community involvement. With a background in the following areas: Equal opportunity, Community and Youth work, Radio presenter and Events Promoter and Marketer.

Why do we do it - Vision


The Keyboard Trust exists to:


  1. Build unity between the black and white led churches in Bristol. It seeks to encourage a culture of engagement and collaboration in the life of all our churches and between churches that fully values and represents the racial and ethnic diversity within our communities.​

  2. Help transform society. It works to challenge all our churches to work together in practical and measurable ways towards the creation of communities in which people are treated with justice and offered equal opportunity regardless of their ethnic or racial background. In order to reach this overarching vision these two aspirations have been broken down in to specific Benefits and Outcomes:

Sunday School

Pastors of Black Led Churches Forum


In order to meet some of our aims, we have set up a Bristol Pastors Forum which will create a space for Pastors across the city to engage, share food, strategies share information, resources, pray and to encourage each other. This forum is currently set up to meet twice a year, and takes part in association with other churches and organisations working towards making Bristol a City of Hope.

How to get involved


To get more information and get involved contact Carmen Carroll

Tel: 07904 583 865 I Work 10hrs Mon,Tue,+1 extra day keyboardnetworker@gmail.com

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